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Air Flight Safety Management Information System results of identification by t
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Recently, CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China, referred to as "CAA"), the Division of Personnel Science and Education held in Beijing on Air China Limited (Air China Limited, referred to as "Air China"), "Flight Safety Management Information System" scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting, heard and reviewed the results of the project reports, feature presentation. Meanwhile, the test group of experts on the system security management module, training management module, model algorithm module function was tested and verified that the flight safety management information system to aviation safety management requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority and Air Safety Management needs, the system user-friendly, clear structure and function to achieve the design requirements and data security management requirements. Review by the meeting, the Commission identified the flight safety management information system that has enriched the airline safety management theory, first proposed a set of China's national conditions, in line with ICAO requirements, with the safe operation of the airline operational management, aviation safety risk management and strategic allocation of human resources and other pilots to achieve the key management technology, innovation, and reached the international advanced level. The system of clear thinking, complete information, research results to the project objectives and achieve operational control of production safety management upgrade, unanimously agreed to adopt the technology achievement appraisal. Song Zhiyong, vice president, attended the appraisal meeting and delivered speeches. Song General pointed out that the flight safety management information system after years of building history, today is the identification of project work by a certain expert appraisal committee's recommendations and new ideas, the continued development of the project, content and practical application of sound important guidance, the project team should seriously study and implement. Song General also pointed out that security is a common concern of the civil aviation system, security, airlines need to cooperate together. Flight safety management information system in the future to further enrich the content and study new problems and new situations, from the management, framework, process the sound system for the community and provide a reference and help other airlines.