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Internet can be, "Amoy" ticket to Hong Kong for Christmas
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Christmas is approaching next week, New Year's Day 2011 getting closer, many users began to prepare "two" during the trip. December 21, users can enjoy the year's most Taobao none other activities to the forces "national berserk" in a particular rush hours non-stop Hong Kong flights, and flew to Christmas Lights. According to reports, Christmas and New Year will come, Taobao will include hundreds of non-stop flights in Hong Kong "limited buy" the goods. During the event, day zero, 3, 9 points, 12 points, 15 points, 18 points, 21 points, 23 points, this time to sign some "qiang.taobao.com", will be able to allow consumers to participate in half or even The spike activities of 0.01 yuan, snapping up most of half the price. Able to "grab" to the ticket users can naturally fly to Hong Kong Disneyland to see the Christmas parade dreams. "Grab" than it does not matter, Taobao, the ones who enjoy the year's most promotional activities to the power of the "National Fengqiang" array of goods. Up to 24, participated in the activities of the average sales price of goods will be about half of the amount, but also the audience 包邮, the seller never promised on the day the temporary price increases. During the event, users in the "National berserk" activity page, click each icon, can randomly access Taobao sellers price of securities issued by the shop arrived, red envelopes and coupons. According to reports, log phone Taobao (m.taobao.com) can participate in "rapid 60 seconds" to avoid a single shopping activity. In the 21st day, consumers in Taobao "National berserk" in a document more than 10 dollars to complete the transaction, you can receive the phone 60 seconds Taobao free shopping time, users can purchase discount tickets from cost-effective.