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Swim by train Europe can order a ticket in home
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As Europe will open travel market to China on September 1, how to choose first-rate trip fashion to become the another heat that the tourist pays close attention to. Roam for convenient China tourist European country, full admire the elegant Feng Guang over there, europe's biggest journey serves an orgnaization -- the company of European railroad group that forms by 29 countries lands China. It is in international of as new as Beijing recently era to carried service limited company to sign cooperative contract in the delegate of Beijing, since September 1, by new era international carriage service limited company serves as the main agent that is in China, sell company of European railroad group is the European through ticket that foreign tourist rolls out technically, the tourist can take convenient, comfortable train, head for travel country, one ticket is in the hand is straightway. Ticket but with Cheng of couplet of international airline ticket, sell in Beijing spot, use RMB close an account.