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The be economical hang that Europe travels
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Privilege gets stuck: A lot of countries of European have the card of economic material benefit to sell, buy Vienna check for example, can enjoy ticket and museum 9 lose privilege. The subway that still has privilege in addition gets stuck.

In call respect, because call in hotel,should add receive poundage, also be to buy check so more be to one's profit, had better be to reach place preemptive phone gets stuck.

VISA gets stuck: Suggest to international VISA card is used when shopping, can avoid the difference that exchange rate wave motion brings. If be use cash, the poundage that 10 % should deduct when changing very not be to one's profit, the word that has VISA card is nonexistent this problem.

Travel by train: Be in Europe, travel by train should compare by air be economical, because European country is not big, and it is nightly drive a vehicle commonly, won't waste time, want computational good number to meet only very be to one's profit. Best is, if did not catch the train, train ticket still effective, can take below one.

Choose cheap hotel: It is cheap to visit hotel have two requirements: It is price itself, 2 it is the far and near that hotel leaves downtown, because consider fare issue even. Can ask about the hotel with the cheapest downtown in airport information desk commonly.

If want be economical to be able to choose not to take the hotel of toilet, communal toilet of abroad is very clean, this can be at ease. And alleged do not take toilet, it is to point to without shower, sit implement still be in the room.