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Odd manual of You Jian of Hong Kong self-help
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Enter a country port
Passenger overland or canalage go to Hong Kong, direct train of station of iron oxide red of passenger liner of dock of passenger liner of passenger liner of dock of passenger transport of optional choose China, HongKong and Macow, 9 Guangdong, Luo Hu 9 Guangdong railroad, fall Ma Zhou, Wen Jindu, sanded brilliance 7 port enter a country. Major passenger all can do procedure of appropriate discrepancy condition inside 30 minutes. But in busy time, time of pass a barrier may be a bit long.
Apply the method of the pass
Concerned application " pass of come-and-go HongKong and Macow " the detail that reachs visit write comments on a document, ask mechanism of contact seat public security or the government affairs website that browse branch of condition of discrepancy of mechanism of corresponding public security to download application form case.
Website of Beijing public security bureau: Www.bjgaj.gov.cn
Website of Shanghai public security bureau: Gaj.sh.gov.cn
Guangdong saves website of Public Security Department: Www.gdga.gov.cn
Sightseeing journey is recommended
Self-help travel also can be added insert short-term sightseeing round journey. Bureau of hair of Hong Kong trade is special choose recommended group of sightseeing of a few characteristic, include: Locomotive heaven and earth is pure and fresh one day swims, on the west tribute is thalassic swim night angles cuttlefish is happy, luxurious machine iron moves back and forth big Buddha admires pig happy etc. The journey is a day mostly, the price is in every 80 to 250 yuan of Hongkong dollar between, some include feed lunch.
If you decide not to join sightseeing group, bureau of hair of Hong Kong trade also designed a few routes according to the demand of different tourist. Be like: Arrive first visit recommend revisit of course, old haunt to recommend a course, still have close child the theme such as brigade, romantic holiday is processional Cheng.
The detail can send bureau website inquiry to Hong Kong trade:
Network address: Www.discoverhongkong.com
Travel agent " HongKong and Macow swims "
Beijing is enlightened " individual HongKong and Macow swims " , travel agent also rolls out self-help type travel to serve in succession, the price is in 3000 yuan the following, do not contain board and lodging commonly. As we have learned, at present Beijing is in 3500 yuan or so to the low airline ticket of Hong Kong, beijing is more than yuan 900 to Shenzhen price. So, the self-help formula of travel agent is not probably most the method of be economical, but when be being saved really, save worry, suit time to tighten the self-help gens that lacks experience again most.