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Those people in the four seasons are unsuited go on a journey
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The journey outside going out is one picket at the good work with good body and mind, if because did not choose according to his healthy state beforehand,be done,get have a recurrence of an old illness, midway is folded return go to a doctor, that thed loss outweights the gain.

Spring, sunshine is beautiful, the flower blooms. To having pollen for the person of allergy history, still never leave home had better. Our country with a vast territory, south is spent already be like bright and beautiful, north just breaks up however freezing, the earth begins to turn warm, go at this moment northward journey is moment. The spring of Guangdong, air temperature is not cold not hot, special interest at the journey, but air humidity is too big, have the patient of disease of leg of rheumatism, arthritis, waist and dermatosis, unfavorable go to Guangdong travelling.

Summertime ride chooses to be in more a mountainous area or seaside, this belongs to brillant bid farewell choose truly. But, have the person of the heart disease such as heart disease of sex of anxiety of hypertensive disease, lung, coronary heart disease, rheumatism, congenital heart disease, must not go downy or on the high mountain travels, can go only climate the place of evenness of gentle, relief travels. Accordingly, the body state that him basis answers before travelling selects equal opportunity and site.

Qiu Dong is seasonal, rainwater is exiguous, climate is dry, no matter south is northward still, suit a journey very much. But for the person to ulcerous disease or the person that had had sore disease, this season does not suit a journey, because of gastric ulcer especially duodenum ulcer hands over seasonal the easiest recrudesce in Qiu Dong He Dongchun.

In the winter, northland a world of ice and snow, to southern youth, it is one kind surprises truly beautiful natural landscape, especially motion of ground of ice-sports, snow, art glacial vulture, having huge appeal. However, anxiety, chronic to sufferring from emphysema, lung bronchitic person, allergic constitution person, for the old people of 60 years old of above, winter is the journey on unfavorable north.