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Different ground shops, content nots agree with solid how to do
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Complain gentleman of main content grandson to ever attended to form a delegation by travel agent of some city A the Xiamen that hands in Xiamen B travel agent to receive round operation swims 4 days. When the journey is about to end, tourist guide of B travel agent introduces: Center of communication of Fujian tea culture asks everybody to sample freely Fujian tea, can buy like what had thought. Communicating a center, the function that the clerk introduced meticulously to suffer from manna tea is offerred try drink, mr Sun gets in quality affirmatory circumstance falls, the flower bought 100 yuan, fujian tea culture communicated a center to also issue receipt. After the return trip, the bitter manna tea that Mr Sun feels to buy and the flavour difference that sample in communication center are bigger, have the feeling that is fooled. He is complained to A travel agent, put forward " return money " , ask to retreat one compensate one.

Zhong Dao thinks: At present different ground travels, form a delegation socialization receives round mode of operation by local travel agent, basically already can be accepted by tourist, but during travelling to be in, the shopping shop that local tourist guide does not have on arrangement journey, disagree quite. Consider as the excursion with decreased normal tourist attraction time, and these shops that welcome a visitor technically often are price pledges high second, in interest in going on an excursion thick when have bit of feel disappointed very much to these shopping shops, etc. The tourist that did not shop also can be this to form a delegation the company complains report, shopping tourist is in becoming aware to not agree with to content is furious more in real time. If why had handled this kind to complain, expend setbacks quite really, on one hand place gives all sorts of shopping stores that have local characteristic, convenient tourist for tourist open up to develop economic specially. On the other hand, these shopping shops more or less put have good and evil people mixed up, price pledges high second phenomenon.

Breach of contract or travel plan increase shop, by national tourism bureau " bail of travel agent quality compensates for tentative standard " the 8th, the 3rd processing, 20% what reimburse shopping cost, this does not have doubtful point, check to the 4th fake commodity is not easy however, in this case, the kind that A travel agent should take refund will handle shop complain. Of course tourist shops by oneself in viatic road, that is traveler individual behavior, travel agent is irresponsible to this.