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Tourism minister is safe
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Current, chinese birthday insurance company of insurance company of insurance company, Chinese Pacific Ocean, peaceful Kang Renshou with international (Sos) rescuing center connection rolls out tourism minister to be sure to be planted nearly, if you bought insurance of minister of this kind of tourism, once produce danger feeling, want to dial a telephone only, can win free minister.  

Injury insurance of travel person accident. This danger is planted every insurance premium 1 yuan, insurance amount 10 thousand yuan, can cast 10 at most. Insurance time limit from buy insurance to enter travel tourist attraction or scene zone time to rise, to leave tourist attraction or scene zone time to stop. Inside insurance period of efficacy, because the accident harms an accident and insurant is brought about die, body incomplete or lose body function, give Fu Quan number, half the number or partial insurance amount by the regulation. This danger is planted suit to attend expeditionary swim, zoology swims, the passenger that alarmingly dangerous swims is cast protect.

Unexpected injury of passenger is safe. This insurance premium that plants nearly is the 5 % calculative that presses price of car, steamer ticket, every safe insurance amount is a RMB 20 thousand yuan, among them gold of contingency medical treatment 10 thousand yuan. Insurance time limit rises aboard from the car on check ticket pull in or midway, to check the bill gives a station or stopover go ashore stops. Inside insurance period of efficacy, because contingency is brought about,die, body incomplete or lose body functionary, divide outside paying medical treatment fee by the regulation, still should pay total number, half the number or partial insurance amount. The passenger needs an attention: When you take car boat to travel, once be or get out of danger, can to insurance company claim for compensation, because you had been cast when buying a ticket,protect.

Accommodation passenger person is safe. This danger is planted every insurance premium 1 yuan, the day from accommodation calculates since zero hour, insurance period 15 days, expire but add is protected, insurable much portion. This insurance liability that plants nearly has: Gold of accommodation passenger insurance 5000 yuan; Accommodation passenger is ready to help others for a just cause insurance gold 10 thousand yuan; Accommodation passenger vade mecum is tasted be stolen, gold of the compensation that be grabbed is 200 yuan. Inside insurance period, because the passenger perhaps is protection by contingency, ab extra assault, killing oneself or other life property are safe and send die, body incomplete or body function are lost or vade mecum is tasted by pilfer, be grabbed to wait and losing, insurance company pays insurance gold by different level. For safe for the purpose of, the passenger should notice to cast protect this danger to plant.