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Brigade parades how Cheng is arranged
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If your time is very close, have 1-2 day only, the tourist attraction of travel is very much, had better seek travel agent, is advantage economic time? ? Still saved oneself to take bus or the fare that are a taxi. Can see place has representative scenery quite so.

If your time is very abundant, do not follow a group, following round inadequacy is, when viatic group is visitting a tourist attraction, time is very close, every place is to trot along on horseback view is beautiful, visit rise without any appeal. It is meal problem next, what travel agent arranges is the restaurant that decide a dot, quality, price, taste often lets you cannot choose. It is shopping trap next, the tourist guide is sure take you to shop, in order to get deduct a percentage from a sum of money, so you can be endured softly slaughter.

Have again, in a few famous places and historical sites, need has a tourist guide to explain, him what is not otherwise clear, water of a mist. At this moment you are best preexistence travel tourist attraction trots along on horseback view flower sees complete picture, before the tourist attraction that needs knowledge in oneself again next, static the tourist guide that awaits tourism group undertakes explaining here, if pressing old times, this cries " listen to loiter " . Still have a bit, a lot of person nurturance a bad habit, arrived in a city, train or an airport, preemptive Zhang De pursues or be call a taxi immediately, these person congruent are worn " behead one knife " . Actually, want to walk out of 10 minutes or so to take a taxi only, can keep away from endure slaughtered. Take a taxi should hit " vivid car " ? ? Going from place to place taxi? ? , the simplest way is, preexistence bus stop is informal a car, sit 1 station, get off call a taxi again. If baggage is much,calculated of course.

Buy an atlas, had better be bought to Xin Huashu inn, a map that is place is a lot of more phyletic, publication time different? ? Newest is publication map not likely best? ? , in Xin Huashu this cultivate land in inn pursues very much, the choice is very convenient, still won't be slaughtered. If you arrive, is provincial capital city, return the travel plan that can buy complete province, go to the lavatory to go out be offerred all right again in the future.

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