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Travel of go for a walk in the country in spring is careful dermatitis
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Spring is all the year round in the best season, also be the best opportunity that go for a walk in the country in spring travels. Be intoxicated at the spring scenery with beautiful nature when you when, be careful the worry of spring dermatitis.  

Main symptom has spring dermatitis: Facial the skin that exposes place with hand low-necked appears the rash of size of bead of erythema, millet or spend quiet gently, serious person still can appear blister.

Why can you produce spring dermatitis? The expert thinks, spring dermatitis is a kind of smooth perceptual dermatosis, sending ill main reason is the skin allergic to the ultraviolet ray in sunshine. All the year round in, the ultraviolet content lowest of winter sunshine, content of the ultraviolet ray when coming to spring lifts abruptly, people suit hard, once get illuminate of strong ultraviolet ray, can cause the skin to injure and produce dermatitis. In the meantime, spring is to go out the busy season that go for a walk in the country in spring travels, if be prevented carelessly,bask in, can accentuate or cause dermatitis.

According to determining: The person that there is 30% about in the crowd can produce allergy to ultraviolet ray, among them spring human body is supreme to ultraviolet sensitivity; The person that the person of indoor job compares the work outdoor to ultraviolet sensitivity is tall; Young sensitivity is taller than cheeper and old people. Accordingly, spring dermatitis sends Yu Qing prime of life and indoor worker easily.

Had had the person of spring dermatitis, whenever spring comes during, go out facial protection should notice when travel, the broadbrim that wears a white for example child or hit sunshade, dai Shen color defends lens, yi Ke uses the agent that protect skin, avoid illumination getting day in order to protect the skin to shoot. Additional, the food such as tassel of wheat of slimy snail, three-colored amaranth, shepherd's purse, lettuce, purslane, Ji, fig, turnip contains photosensitive sex material is more, can raise the skin the sensitivity to ultraviolet ray, friend should take less. A few medicaments if sulphanilamide, tetracycline, blame that medicaments such as the root is used for a long time also can make the skin elevatory to ultraviolet susceptibility, reason should avoid to be taken for a long time.

If sufferred from spring dermatitis, the illness is lighter person do not require treatment, count day is met self-healing. If disease closes relatively the person that weigh can take breath Si Min. In the meantime, local dermatitis can besmear skin is relaxed, go the ointment such as phlogistic pine. Want to eat fresh vegetable, fruit more; Abstinence and acrimony wait for excitant food, out of service is inferior and balmy the gender makes up embellish skin is tasted; Occurrence Sao itchs or work when aching, avoid by all means uses hot water scald, unfavorable also with alkalescent big soap is cleaned, lest stimulate the skin, aggravating illness.
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