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Drive how does long-distance travel prepare
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Drive travel already became a kind of fashion, leaving to love a car to go in a lot of friend holidays that have a car outskirts, feel nature, what appreciate self-help travels is happy. However long-distance travel and drive in the urban district have certain distinction, for your safety, better for you enjoy drive travel brings joy to you, long-distance drive a vehicle, notice the following please:

1, before dispatch a vehicle, preparation saves city road map book, best it is clear that he indicate course of drive a vehicle indicate course of drive a vehicle with the pen. If you drive, is not cross-country car, do not leave highway travel easily, in a mountainous area should note this problem more. National level or provincial highway should choose when drive a vehicle, these highway, broad evenness is safe.

2, road sign should be noticed in travel. The position that time and sun can adopt when weather is good discerns direction, nightly and OK the orient of face all along of a house owned by a citizen of have the aid of (a house owned by a citizen of our country sits mostly the) austral the Northern Dynasties.

3, drive a vehicle is outer, had better not let stranger take, and self-defence appliance should be put in the place of conveniently, if do not have appropriative, lock of fire extinguisher, guard against theft also can prevent accident.

4, fire extinguisher had better have, and be sure to master its to use a method. Near future Beijing produced event of car spontaneous combustion several cases, be in more than 10 minutes short inside, car by complete burn down. Below most circumstance, car advocate not be to do not have fire extinguisher, have namely also won't use. Summerly weather is warm taller, car work requirement is relatively abominable, the fire that by engine leakage oil and electric equipment breakdown cause happens from time to tome.

5, carry electrify text of a story certainly, the mobile phone is enough report. Had better write in the first page on parents and phone of oneself full name, unit, friend phone, so that in case produce an accident, can get in touch with family.

6, drive travel, via the hillside on regular meeting. Uphill before, must check apply the brake effective, whether to contain the trigonometry wood that fills up a wheel, if was not taken, on the spot looks for some of brick to reserve.

7, to general ramp, what should use car travel is inertial and uphill. Be apart from the ramp with long and steep gradient, when feeling power is insufficient, should decrease instantly block, do not want hurry-scurry. Should hang a fault to block, hang do not enter block and cause jockey, flameout when, answer to pull hand brake instantly, new and uphill. If hand brake invalidation, should use crural apply the brake, below the slope of fall back on that makes car slow, new and uphill. Notice not to follow a car even uphill too close, lest before sneak away after the car, the car after endangering.
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