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Travel 7 avoid
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1. avoid trots along on horseback view is beautiful, come out to travel the purpose is cheerful body and mind, increase experience, if every to one ground clime that does not go to place of attentive observation appreciate, lost viatic sense.

2. avoid baggage is overmuch, the article with the overmuch belt when the journey does not have a meaning, it is the encumbrance that we travel. Take beside, the action no-go; Put in hotel, insecure. So I promote a packet of policy: All baggage simply carries bursa on the back greatly.

3. avoid provoke a dispute, viatic place is not him from beginning to end " edge of a field " , pretty interest, bully gas or convergent place are good.

4. avoid is dispersive activity, if be a group of person,go travelling, had better not have each program each, maintain at least two, the number of 3 people just disperses activity. Avoid by all means goes out alone!

Person of 5. avoid money is detached, many heart, caution is good for what go up.

6. avoid brings a child, dot hour needs the keep an eye on of adult, make Your Excellency cannot the fun that systemic heart enjoys viatic place to bring.

7. avoid is unidentified and geographical, every ask map of preemptive portion place to one ground, can make the meet an urgent need when be lost with; 2 can stay for souvenir.