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Consult round travel formalities and note
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The course thinks many times ground route, select travel agent, the endurance of many people already place remnant very few. Then, the careless when some people are dealing with formalities signing up, impatient beg fast. Little imagine, this one carelessness, the likelihood brought marijuana to oneself irritated. Want to play happily, that time can be saved must not.

Patient benefit signing up is much

One, formalities signing up and note

Group of ginseng signing up should hold effective certificate to visit travel agent to do business ministry or dot signing up is dealt with; Should choose to suit oneself scheduling; The item that place of clear League membership dues includes; Sign travel contract; Consign League membership dues and ask for detailed rules of the bill, hodometer, notice that join a group, compensation to wait; Fulfil go-off, place, complete accompany method of full name, connection.   

When consumer is signing up, still answer to know the service content that travel agent provides and level as far as possible. Like standard of board and lodging, vehicle standard, visit circuit and tourist attraction, tourist guide service, travel at one's own expenses project, shopping frequency, leave the country swim to still include to change the content such as visa of foreign currency, conduction passport. Such, in case meet " goods is incorrect board " travel serves, also won't by be kept inside a drum-be kept in the dark.

2, sign good contract, play easily

Join round go on a tour, want to sign travel contract with travel agent when sign up commonly. Contract component includes: Hodometer of notice of the standard contract that saves formulate of place of travel qualitative inspect by Guangdong, travel signing up and liability detailed rules, travel, bill. When signing a contract, want advertent each component is all ready, have on the contract without build official seal and agency person sign one's name. Hodometer should include the service content that travel agent provides and level, if produce travel issue, it is one of strong evidence.

Some travel agent are beguiling tourist, play truant, do not sign travel contract with the tourist, or the certain content cancel in the contract, think got law " chance " . Actually, when producing travel issue, want proof only enough, requirement is reasonable, travel pledges inspect branch still limits the liability of travel agent and tourist according to the clause of standard contract. But this is not to say the autograph does not sign a contract to be indifferent to. Signed a contract, both sides is more clear to respective right and obligation, can avoid many small friction. In addition, everybody is in go on a journey, leave the country especially when swimming, should abide by tourist regulations. Want to know, to the individual loss that causes because of disobeying tourist regulations, travel agent is not in charge of without exception. Swimming like Mr A when Thailand, although classics tourist guide reminds for many times, still keep carelessly individual property, bring about be gone to secretly inside guest room a batch of headgear. Pledge via travel inspect branch rules, travel agent already provided the service of up to standard, accident responsibility depends on Mr A keeping according to regulations appropriate valuable, accordingly its loss is assumed by him himself.   
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