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Institutional travel is complained
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Get when the legitimate rights and interests of tourist when enroach on, can you deny in thinking of to take him hand " weapon " go complaining?

Generally speaking, produce travel issue, can communicate with travel agent first, talk things over solve; Do not talk things over, ability supervises management department to travel quality or consumer committee is complained, yi Ke to people court to lodge a complaint. The case that tourist already was heard by the court to forensic to lodge a complaint, place of consumer committee, qualitative check will be accepted no longer. Because travel agent is intended or error, was not achieved or the service quality standard that breach of contract agrees, cause travel consumer pecuniary loss, in complain consumer can raise claim for compensation to travel agent, complaining claim for compensation is reasonable and lawful.

The tourist encounters travel to serve quality problem in viatic process, when legitimate rights and interests is damaged, can go to place instantly travel quality supervisory branch is complained; If the tourist already travelled,return, can arrive form a delegation the place of travel qualitative inspect of company seat is handed over complain shape. Complain shape to want to mention expressly: Name of the unit that be complained, complain course of person full name, sexual distinction, citizenship, profession, age, address and connection phone, incident to wait. Qualitative inspect place is received after complaining, classics examine and verify, will make inside 7 weekday whether be accepted and inform a tourist. After the decision is accepted, turn indictment to be complained inside 24 hours unit, ask its are in 30 days inside with complain a person to talk things over solve.

Society " complain " for " nip in the bud " lift, also be the code that increases customer better consciousness, perfect travel serves quality.