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The outdoors clew of desert travel
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◎ wicker river cries Sha Shan is located in Xinjiang to breath out churchyard of county of close area Yi Wu, be located in Ba Likun basin east predestined relationship, circumference 25 square kilometer, altitude 2, 010 meters, sha Shan relative to height rice of 35 meters of ~115 differs, make northwest mostly, southeast trend, on the west slope delay, east slope is steep. Allegedly, in our country 4 cry greatly Sha Shan (it is Dunhuang cries additionally 3 Sha Shan, Ningxia Sha Po head, Baotou is noisy Sha Wan) in, wicker river cries Sha Shan is geological feature a the most complete, sanded song is the oldest.

◎ Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Dunhuang, Urumqi has the train that arrives directly at haing close city, dunhuang and Urumqi still have long-distance car everyday come-and-go.

◎ cries to wicker river from haing close city Sha Shan did not arrive directly at regular bus, the regular bus that Yi Wu county goes to before can sitting, in cry Sha Shan station gets off, sha Shan is apart from a station to still have 2 kilometers. Also can rent a car in Ha Mi, about Cheng of 2-3 hour car, sang Dana is controlled 230 yuan back and forth.

◎ cries Sha Shan has special slippery sanded project, offer slide and sledge to tourist, hire 15 ~ 30 yuan. Ladder of wood of mountain-climbing of more than 200 class still was built on Sha Shan.

◎ cries Sha Shan sets without rigid to camping, but the prairie around prohibits camping.

◎ climbs cry Sha Shan had better wear sandal or barefoot, because common shoe is very easy rinse is fine sanded, grind a foot instead.

The summer of ◎ Xinjiang is " wear cotton-padded jacket midday early to wear sand " , desert area especially such, should have had so prevent winter clothing thing.